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Sarah Lizabeth Barker travels across the United States and abroad sharing her stories and experience through the years as a wedding industry leader, wife and mother. Her story of building a legacy will make you laugh and cry. Most of all, you will feel normal as each of us balance the journey of life. 


Sarah Lizabeth Barker has a story to share. Sarah shares her story of building a successful, longstanding wedding industry brand, raising a family, divorce and having to rebuild from experience. Her story of redemption will inspire those who can find value in the career/family balance beam and maintain perspective while navigating their journey. 


Sarah Lizabeth Barker

Wedding Expert I Philanthropist I Author I Speaker


Sarah Lizabeth Barker shares her process of planning a wedding, stories of past clients and how to maintain perspective through the wedding planning process. Her stories will resonate with wedding professional and couples who want a stress-free wedding planning experience. Her story will make you laugh and cry but most of all, you will feel normal. 

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